TWe have more than 15 years of experience in the field of problem solving, maintenance, equipment systems and mandatory legal regulations related to the technical operation of newly built condominiums.

Our business is a small family business, which we only want to expand very carefully, while maintaining the quality of our service. We typically work in newly built condominiums, several of which we have expedited from its inital launching. We provide actual 24-hour on-call service, every day of the year.

Our buildings are currently located in the districts XIII., VI. and XX of Budapest, but we are open for offers from all around the city, also at Dunaharaszti, Szigethalom and Szigetszentmiklós.

„Our motto is that it's not just a job, it's a way of life, a real service where our lives need to be organized so that those we provide for can sleep easy and feel that they can always count on us."

Imre Péter, Managing Director


Technical Operation and Maintenance

With over 15 years of professional experience, we specialize in the technical operation and maintenance of new condominiums. We provide optimal solutions for issues, equipment systems, and compliance with legal regulations.

Real 24/7 Emergency Service

Ensuring our clients' peace of mind and security every day of the year, we offer a real 24/7 emergency service. Our goal is to respond immediately to any urgent situation and find swift resolutions.

Our Reach

While our buildings are currently located in Budapest's XIII, VI, and XX districts, we are open to inquiries throughout the entire capital city. We also extend our services to the areas of Dunaharaszti, Szigethalom, and Szigetszentmiklós.


Atrium I.residential park
XIII. district
Citizen Park
XII. district
Sissy I. residential park
XX. district
Riverside Apartment house
XIII. district
Benczúr 11.
VI. district

About Us

Imre Péter, Managing Director

2From 2005 I worked at ABM Kft as a building operator. The company operated the condominiums built by the company group within Angyalföldi Lakásépítő ZRt. and later other ones, acquired through tender sas well. During my stay there I operated the following condominiums: Akvarell Condominium (60 apartments), Origó Condominium (180 apartments), Premier Condominium (180 apartments), Ikon I. Condominium (180 apartments), Vésőház Condominium (80 apartments, I started this) , Mandala I-II. Condominium (450 apartments, these I started), Hegedűs Condominium (60 apartments), Vörösmarty Condominium (160 apartments), Gozsdu Udvar (4 condominiums, approx. 400 apartments)

I received an invitation in 2013 and became the operations manager of Riverside Apartments Condominium (approximately 450 apartments / shops) as a sole proprietor. I changed my business form in 2018, and we have been working as contractors ever since. Over the years, based on requests, the number of condominiums we have operated has steadily increased, and we currently work in 6 condominiums - more than a thousand flats, with 3 condominium management companies - as technical operators and maintenance. I am a qualified furnaceman.

Péter Ádám, Maintenance operator

In 2018, after a variety of jobs, I joined the business full time. My previous experiences (receptionist at a hotel, floor manager) has significantly contributed to my ability to properly manage any issues that may arise during the operation of buildings and to be able to control the tasks performed professionally. I am a qualified civil engineer.

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